Real Estate Novelist?

Real Estate Novelist?

I have always loved Billy Joel. When I moved from Virginia to South Carolina in 1990, I listened to my Billy Joel cassette all the way from Montross to South of the Border.  (Yes, I said cassette!) Certain songs from that tape literally take me back to other places and times. It’s always fascinated me how music can evoke such powerful feelings and unlock long forgotten memories. I read somewhere a long time ago that music can even release endorphins. Not sure if that’s true, but I hope so because I’d much rather listen to music than run marathons. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant can take me back to a specific place and time like it was yesterday. Piano Man is another favorite. Cliché as it is, I must request it every time I go to a piano bar, though I’ll also tip extra and request the most obscure old school rap song I can think of just to see what kind of skills the performer has. Anyway, I’ve heard Billy Joel’s lyrics hundreds if not thousands of times and each time I heard ‘real estate novelist’ before real estate was my profession, I never gave it a second thought. And after I became a Realtor® , I assumed it was possibly a cool consultant type position or perhaps something to do with commercial sales or maybe time shares.  About three weeks ago, I listened to Billy Joel’s Piano Man and many of the lyrics hit me harder than in the past. At that moment, I realized  I needed to know the exact definition of a real estate novelist. I did some research and apparently Paul, who hangs out at the bar, would rather be a best-selling novelist but instead is selling houses for a living. Not sure if that was fact checked with Billy Joel, but I’m going to use this as inspiration to write a best-selling novel about  what I know best while I continue to enjoy the career I know I was meant for: Residential Real Estate.

What song brings back good memories or inspires you to be your best?  Go listen to it right now!

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Peter Bourey - October 6, 2022 Reply

I once worked a part time security gig at the, what was then, PNC Arena in Raleigh, I worked the landing on one particular night which was about 20 yds. from the edge of a stage left. Yes there was a piano sitting right in front of me and yes the concert was the Piano Man himself. What an amazing show he put on! He is one of my all time favorites and the memories do rush in when I hear a BJ song. Two others that bring me down memory lane are The Eagles and Stevie Wonder. Love your blogs. Keepem coming!

    Mary Childress - October 6, 2022 Reply

    What a cool gig to have had and an amazing experience with The Piano Man! I also am a fan of Stevie Wonder and Eagles, but as far as nostalgia factor, Hotel California was my very first album. Thanks for the encouragement!

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