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This is why!

I was asked by a few people recently why I travel to DC for legislative meetings and did I really think it makes any difference or impact.

The answer is YES.

That doesn't mean that positive change is immediate or that I don't sometimes feel like my voice is small. But there is a collective impact that I've witnessed firsthand. I've seen representatives gaining a better understanding of how things affect their constituents vs. how things look on paper.

One of the topics that was on everyone's mind this year was how the settlement is going to affect veteran buyers. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has policies in place pertaining to fees veterans currently cannot pay when using their VA home loan benefit which could put those veteran buyers at a disadvantage. They could forced to proceed with a home purchase without an advocate for their rights and best interests. Or they could lose out on a property in an already limited inventory. Or they could be forced to choose a different loan product with less favorable terms.

Though I can't take credit, I like to think that my little voice along with the 8000 Realtors of both political parties who attended the legislative meeting in DC earlier this month might have contributed to the headline I read this morning. Though not officially announced, The Department of Veteran's Affairs plans to at least temporarily lift it's ban which is positive news. Without this change thousands of veteran buyers, who protect our country, freedom, and rights, could be denied access to professional representation in purchasing a home. Veterans surely deserve at least the same opportunity as others to compete in the housing market and I can't wait until this announcement is official and favorable rules for veterans are in place!

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