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Nine Bottles of Wine & Goat Milk Hand Lotion


Nine Bottles of Wine & Goat Milk Hand Lotion

For years I’ve known that it’s not a good idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Not that I haven’t done it, but I know why it’s a bad idea. But nobody ever told me what would happen if I went to Costco after an especially challenging day at work. When I say challenging, I mean the kind of day where everything seems to go wrong and you find yourself googling, “Is Mercury retrograde real and is it today?”

Inevitably in life, and even more often in real estate life, those days happen. The good news is that with knowledge, experience, and an extra share of determination (or some call it stubbornness) I’ve become a very good problem solver and enjoy a good challenge. But I do struggle with some sort of syndrome that causes me, on days that I’ve done especially good work, to play a little game called, “I deserve it.” For example, “I worked so many hours, so I deserve not to cook dinner tonight.”  Or “I remained calm and polite when others did not, so I deserve chips and margaritas on a weeknight.”  Recently, after a particularly long and rough day, I ran into Costco to get Samson’s healthy weight dog food and two hours later found myself loading a ridiculous number of items into my car. While it’s not unusual for me to grab a bottle of wine, on that particular day I apparently felt deserving of nine. Nine bottles. Of wine. I also decided that I couldn’t go on without organic goat milk hand lotion in my life. To make up for all the years I’ve been without it, I bought five different scents.

When I got home, I opened a bottle of merlot and vowed to reign in the crazy on the “I deserve it” impulse buying. I decided to trade bad habits for good. You may have noticed, I’ve written and posted blogs for three consecutive days. That might be a record for me! Not sure how relevant they are, but I’m having fun and I’m not eating chips and drinking margaritas on a weekday, so let’s call it a win.

Aspiring to be my best self whilst supporting goat farmers and wineries,

May Your Mercury Be More Freddie and Less Retrograde!











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