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I've committed to writing a weekly blog on Friday. I've even called upon some people to hold me accountable which has resulted in three (almost four) consecutive weekly blog posts.  I had a couple very raw, real, and informative topics I was going to choose between this week, but I waited until the last day and the day literally flew by.  It was super productive, but didn't leave me with  much energy or creativity to write a proper real estate blog entry. Since I didn't commit to content with my accountability partners, I decided I was going to post a cute kitten picture and call it a night, but my daughter called me and we had a two and a half hour phone conversation until 1:30 AM  about current events and cool subreddits. So,  I have missed my deadline since it's technically early Saturday morning and not Friday anymore.  Oops! 

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Here's the promised kitten pic. It's not mine.  I don't even have a cat, but thought he would be a  cute addition to my impromptu weekly entry and distract you from the lack of substance. 

I'll throw in a couple highlights and happenings from my week.  

I enjoyed a true  day off on Sunday. I spent it celebrating Father's Day with my wonderful husband, kids and 'bonus kids'.  Only my daughter and future son in law were missing, but they had a valid  excuse for being absent since they live in Japan and flights are suspended. Thank goodness for video calls! 

Real estate is a profession where you can put in long hours for days or weeks without instant results, but then all of a sudden the persistence pays off.  Last week,  I didn't get one new listing despite my best efforts.  None of the homes I showed were suitable for my buyers. I had lots and lots of cancellations and  even a couple no shows. I have done this long enough to know that you take the good with the bad and should take none of it personally.  But,  productive busy is better than no result busy, so I was very thankful when things turned around this past week, as they always do. 

This week, I  had the pleasure of attending a closing with some first time home buyers who were a pleasure to work with. My husband scored some disinfecting wipes for me at the grocery store.  This was huge because I hadn't been able to find them on the shelves anywhere since January!  One of my listings went under contract. Another received an offer. I helped one set of buyers find the perfect home and another set of buyers find the right lot and builder. I am beginning the home buying process with several new buyers and have a few listing appointments lined up for next week.  

A lot of people expect a certain stereotype of real estate agent or have preconceived ideas about the process based on real estate reality shows.  I love it when clients get to know me well enough to tell me what their expectations were vs. what our actual experience turned out to be.  

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Fun fact:  Yesterday alone, I changed my shoes 3 times with 2 sets of buyers, but both of them found the right home!

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