Keeping it Real


Keeping it Real

I have missed so many opportunities to share valuable information about real estate or life in general. Or humorous situations that could give many people a well needed laugh. Though I have good intentions, I just don’t follow through for various reasons. I tell myself I’ll do it ‘as soon as I catch up.’ Or sometimes the laugh is at my own expense. When something interesting happenings I decide I’ll just ‘put it in my book later.” It’s worth mentioning that my book writing has been much like my past blog writing: mediocre and sporadic. I’m starting to realize why I’ve procrastinated in this area, which means things are going to change!

I have finally gotten to a place in life where I really don’t care if a laugh is at my expense if it’s funny, especially if sharing will help someone or bring them joy. I also realize that as much as I love my real estate career and have tried to tone down my sense of humor to be a ‘proper professional’, I don’t have to water down my personality to be professional.

I’m once again declaring that I am going to give it my best effort to not only write blogs on a regular schedule, but I will make sure they are not just ‘filler’ pieces. I pledge to keep it real. I welcome you to hold me accountable.

I’m excited for this journey!

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