Hide Your House Behind the Sofa

Hope you had a great holiday season!

So many people I talked to last month  said they  wanted to wait until 'after the holidays' to put their home on the market.

I’m not not one to rush or push anyone  to list their  house if they're  not ready. But here’s some good info for anyone kind of on the fence…

A lot of buyers also take time off from looking until “after the holidays”. They figure what’s the point — nobody’s listing their house now anyway. Yet, in my experience, they do continue to look. They’re constantly watching the market like a hawk. Hoping. Anticipating. But there’s just not a whole heck of a lot to look at. At least not much new to the market.

So, when something new does come onto the market, the buyers who are “waiting” get pretty excited. It’s like finding a forgotten Christmas present that fell behind the sofa. 🙂

Just some food for thought!

Looking forward to hearing from any homeowners in the Grand Strand area who have considered putting their home on the market,  because I can say with firsthand knowledge that there are plenty of buyers wanting to buy before spring !  I personally had more closings in December than previous months because I did encourage my sellers to list during the 'off season'.  Less inventory means more activity for new listings! 

  I'm happy to answer any questions or provide a free report with your home's value.  No cost, no pressure, and no obligation.

Happy New Year!  

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