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Dry January


This blog post, like many of my narratives, might be ‘all over the place’ because it was inspired by several recent conversations and experiences.

  1. Several friends and family members have declined my offer for a glass of wine at dinner due to celebrating something called ‘Dry January’ which isn’t something I’ve intentionally celebrated.
  2. I attended an event called Empower More in 2024 that was hosted by Women’s Council of Realtors Grand Strand. There were countless takeaways, but as the title would indicate it was heavy on empowerment. Self worth vs. confidence. Lifting others up through connection. Etc.
  3. A friend and associate took a selfie of us at the above mentioned Women’s Council Event and I almost didn’t share it because it was ‘a bad picture of me.’
  4. Last week, I showed property to buyer clients. They made a comment :  “I wish you real estate agents would use pictures that actually look like the house.” Not the first time I’d heard that sentiment expressed. I’m always quick to remind buyers that I’m sending and showing them homes that are listed by 5000+ other agents so I’m not the one taking or posting unrealistic photos. I actually agree that photos should  represent the house accurately yet realistically. A galley kitchen shouldn’t look like a gourmet commercial kitchen.
  5. Today, my friend and doctor sent me an email about how to keep my skin healthy.  I typed the following witty reply to her email:  “Thanks. I needed this. My liver has no idea it’s dry January, but my skin sure does.”

But I didn’t hit send. Like the true reflective thinker I am, (sounds better than ‘all over the place’) a bunch of things resonated and I decided to write a blog in which I share some vulnerable truths that I don’t always realize about myself. All of the experiences I mentioned (and others) factored in to a realization that:



  1. I was actually celebrating Dry January and didn’t even know it!
  2. I walked out of the Women’s Council event realizing that even though I am confident in my abilities and love/respect myself, I still have some things to work on in order to be the best version of myself. I also think every single beautiful lady (and a few good men who were there) walked out feeling the same. I was surprised yet not surprised that so many beautiful, successful, amazing people all have moments of self doubt.
  3.  I need to practice what I preach.
  4. I agree with my clients when they point out how deceiving it is when the listing photos don’t look like the actual house. Then I realize, I’m using a touched out headshot that makes me look so good that my actual appearance in a selfie is something I hesitate to share.
  5. I’m fortunate to have an amazing doctor who understands the balance of treating illnesses but also preventing them. I use humor to deflect insecurities and serious situations. February’s motto needs to be:  Less wine, more moisturizer.

The Mary on the left is extremely touched up and any new client who is expecting that person might not recognize me. The Mary on the right is not my personal best and I’ve admittedly not been drinking enough water or administering enough self care, but it is more realistic. I will be getting new headshots that show the best me in an accurate way.

Mission accomplished if this empowers anyone else to self-reflect, step up their skincare regimen, drink more water, list or purchase their house with me, refer me to friends, or maybe just have a chuckle.

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