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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I know Mother’s Day isn’t the happiest day for everyone for various reasons. I lost my own mother when I was 14 years old. Mother’s Day for many years after made me miss her even more.  It was probably not until I became a Mom that […]

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TRUST ISSUES I am very fortunate to be at a point in my career where almost all of my business comes from repeat clients or referrals from clients, friends, family, or other real estate agents. Not that I don’t love meeting and working with new people who aren’t referred, but I have discovered there are […]

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Called out for Booty Calling

Called Out For Booty Calling   Despite the title, this blog post will have something to do with real estate.  Sort of.  I was recently at a South Carolina Association of Realtors conference.  If you’ve never been, these events usually last a few days with vendors and speakers with goods, services, and information to help […]

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2 Real Estate Novelist?

Real Estate Novelist? I have always loved Billy Joel. When I moved from Virginia to South Carolina in 1990, I listened to my Billy Joel cassette all the way from Montross to South of the Border.  (Yes, I said cassette!) Certain songs from that tape literally take me back to other places and times. It’s […]

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Keeping it Real

  Keeping it Real I have missed so many opportunities to share valuable information about real estate or life in general. Or humorous situations that could give many people a well needed laugh. Though I have good intentions, I just don’t follow through for various reasons. I tell myself I’ll do it ‘as soon as […]

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Look! It’s a cute kitten.

I’ve committed to writing a weekly blog on Friday. I’ve even called upon some people to hold me accountable which has resulted in three (almost four) consecutive weekly blog posts.  I had a couple very raw, real, and informative topics I was going to choose between this week, but I waited until the last day […]

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