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Look! It’s a cute kitten.

I’ve committed to writing a weekly blog on Friday. I’ve even called upon some people to hold me accountable which has resulted in three (almost four) consecutive weekly blog posts.  I had a couple very raw, real, and informative topics I was going to choose between this week, but I waited until the last day […]

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More Ways to Save Money

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t enjoy saving money. I got some positive feedback on last week’s topic, so I decided to expand on that by sharing  a few ways I have personally shaved down my monthly expenses.  I’ll even share a few costly mistakes I’ve made in hopes it will save you from making the […]

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What is Mortgage Forbearance?

There’s so much new information emerging each day relating to COVID-19. Today, I want to specifically focus on some assistance available for those who will not be able to pay mortgage payments due to hardships caused by the virus. CARES ActCARES Act  stands for Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security. It includes some mortgage assistance.  Before you […]

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Keeping it Real: A Day in the Life of Me

The only thing missing is the green tea I drink in between these 2 guys…I’m going to share just a few of the highlights from my day. You can’t make this stuff up!!Combined with no sleep.. So thankful for good concealer.-I caved and ordered carry out tonight, breaking my longest cooking streak in recent history….Three […]

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Home Buyer’s Checklist

10 Things to Do After You Are Under Contract Once you get under contract to buy a home, you are one step closer, but there’s still some work to be done. Even though I help my clients every step of the way, it’s still good to be prepared, so here’s a list. I’ve also attached […]

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Confessions of a Real Estate Agent

Disclaimer: *These are (some of) MY confessions and don’t necessarily apply to all real estate agents.  **In my attempt to write more frequent and individual entries, I may sometimes blog about personal realizations rather than market stats, buyer/seller tips, etc.   Back story:  My son told me right after graduating high school that he planned […]

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