Another Reason I Love What I Do

Before I tell you, I need to give a some back story.  Many years ago, when I was a brand new real estate agent, I was referred to a seller in a community called Woodwinds, which is located off of Highway 544 in Conway.  Soon after I helped that seller,  another homeowner in the community contacted me to assist with the sale of her home.

 I was very fortunate to have a couple great  mentors who taught me  the special circumstances that have to be considered when buying/selling manufactured homes.   Is the title retired?  Does the seller have the title in hand?  Does the seller own the land or is it leased? Is it on a permanent foundation? What do we do if it was not closed properly the previous time?  Is there financing available? Those are all things I was taught early on.  That knowledge has been extremely valuable throughout my career . Now I know what questions to ask, what documents to gather, what research has to be done on the front end to help ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. 

After my second successful closing in Woodwinds, I decided that I was going to focus on trying to help as many people in that community  as possible. I was going to make Woodwinds 'my farm'.  Farming to a real estate agent is when we choose a geographical location and focus the bulk of our  marketing on that location.  We can do 'pop bys'  (where we drop by with information and gifts if allowed) . That's  not my method, since I wouldn't appreciate someone knocking on my door unannounced, but I'm getting off topic.  We also can send mailers with information about the local market, neighborhood happenings, or other information that members of the community could find useful.  This was my preferred method.  I addressed envelopes by hand to every address in the neighborhood, stuffed each envelope with my original Woodwinds newsletters, and put stamps on each envelope.   I could have metered via bulk mail for less postage, but I felt like it would be more personal with a stamp and a handwritten envelope vs printed labels.  I sent mailers 3-4 times annually for several years and over the years was contacted by many residents. I listed and helped sell several homes, but also connected with lots of people in other ways. They knew they could call to ask me general real estate questions. They knew I would  recommend plumbers, electricians, contractors, pet sitters, etc. I even made friends with a lady who initially called to yell at me for sending her letters.     🙂 

Over the years it seemed that my mailers got less and less response, but looking back, it was probably because  I wasn't making the time to send them as frequently as I should. The last Woodwinds Newsletter was probably sent around 2011 or 2012.  So, imagine my surprise when I got a call a few weeks back from very nice lady who wanted some information on home values in Woodwinds. During the conversation, I mentioned that I was very familiar with her neighborhood. I told her I had actually sent out quarterly newsletters years ago. She already knew that because that's how she got my name and number.  She had saved the newsletter to call me if she ever wanted to sell her home! That made my whole entire day to hear that.

Fast forward to the best part:  After all these years, I listed her home for sale. Two days later she received multiple offers and is under contract!  Another reason to love what I do:  I get to meet and get to know so many wonderful people each and every day and sometimes it's when I least expect it.  Note to self.. maybe it's time to start another quarterly newsletter!? 

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